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Shrine Shirts

Shrine Shirts is an Australian established company. They are been providing a best online custom shirt as per the customer’s desire. Shrine shirt allows you to choose from Fabric of your shirt to what type of buttons you like they permit you to fully customize your shirt.

Our Goal

Shrine shirts might produce high-quality products but still, they are struggling in getting more business. Soon, they realize that only quality can’t improve their business they need some marketing strategy to enhance their business. They approached us trusting we could help with their business through Search Engine Optimization.  We were set with an objective to increase organic traffic and position their website on the first page in Search engine result page.

The Challenges We Face With Shrine Shirts

Shrine shirts Website was already established before we began chipping away at it however, their Website has various issues of losing organic traffic before we start working on it. On the other hand, their website doesn’t have more content. Contents are an essential part in SEO with the lag of content it’s very hard to position website on the first page and improve traffic.

Shrine Shirts
Company Name: Shrine Shirts
Objective : Increase Ranking in SERP and improve Traffic
Duration : 3 months
Link building

After we find out that we can enhance their traffic we started our SEO campaign with Link building. During the initial month of the campaign, we worked out Multiple links from relevant domains. We can able to take advantage of the way that we could connect content from any Website into this specialty to truly grow our potential net of target areas to get joins from.

On page Optimization

After Finishing Link building we started off with on page optimization. We work with the developers to expand the on-page content as the site was deficient in content-based substance for Google to slither and figure out what each page was about and should conceivably rank for.


Within 3 months of duration, the site saw a 100% expansion in organic traffic dazzling outcomes, all alone. Most significant change is 150% lift in the organic search.  After 3 months “Shrine shirts” revenue increases up to 50%. As you can see from the below table how were we have position Shrine shirts in SERP. We have seen great gains no matter how you look at it since we began working on it.

SEO Company in Coimbatore
S.No Project Title Position
1 Shrine Shirt 4
2 Shrine shirts in Australia 1
3 Shrine Shirts Online Shopping 3